IPv6, Proxmox and OVH: A nightmare!

Today I pretty much spent my whole day trying to add IPv6 connectivity to my VMs and LXC containers hosted on an OVH (Soyoustart) server in France. This well-known ISP assigns you an entire /64 IPv6 subnet: great, one ‘d think, but there’s a glitch… (more…)

I bought a stm32F103VEt6!

Just brought this dev board from AliExpress: Click here I’m very excited to learn all about it! Here’s some docs and examples I found on the internet: https://github.com/a-c-t-i-n-i-u-m/mb-stm32f103vet6-sample (more…)

Micronucleus compile – Archlinux

I’ve some compilation errors while trying to compile the Micronucleus V-USB bootloader in my ArchLinux machine. To fix edit: micronucleus/commandline/library/micronucleus_lib.h and add: #if defined WIN (more…)

ArchLinux ARM on Orange Pi One

Note: As of 27/11/2016 the mainline kernel included in the ArchLinux ARM Image supports ethernet and USB. Please use the following image: ArchLinuxARM-armv7-latest.tar.gz I recently found out about this new SoC board called Orange Pi that you can easily buy on Aliexpress for just 9 Euros. (more…)

Alarm Manager every week

This is how to fire an Alarm every week on Android. Since the Android device may restart multiple times during that period of time I’ve had a hard time setting triggerAtMillis in setInexactRepeating. I’ve finally settled on the following solution. (more…)

Rsync with rclone

Yesterday I found out this little utility to rsync a folder with Google Drive: http://rclone.org/ rclone config run_rclone.sh #!/bin/bash rclone copy /mnt/data/Copy copy:Copy and crontab -e (export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano) (more…)

ESP8266 rev.201

I’m working with this WiFi module for my home automation project lately. Simple wiring diagram: Arduino Framework: https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino Simple HTTP Server pin control: http_light_esp8266 (more…)

USB Password Keychain (ATtiny85 based)

This is my new electronics project, it’s called USB Password Keychain. It consists of a USB device which is recognized by your PC as a keyboard, through some software I wrote you are able to upload into the EEPROM memory of the chip up to 4 password and with the simple press of a button they are