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This python script downloads all website snapshots stored in for a selected year. ###website###: fill in website you wish to download ####: replace with the year

Raspberry-Arduino Weather LCD

Hi There! This is my new project powered by Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Basically It’s a weather monitor based on Yahoo! APIs, the Raspberry Pi downloads today weather and the forecast for tomorrow from Yahoo!, this is nicely done through a python script. (more…)

[Python] How to read a file line by line into array

Hey đŸ˜‰ How to read a file line by line into array in Python: f = open(“filename.txt”, “r” )lines = f.readlines()f.close() #Remove /n at the end of the linelines = (line.rstrip(‘n’) for line in open(“filename.txt”)) #Add lines to our Array Objectarray = []for line in lines:    array.append(line) Now you can access each line this way:

How to play sound Python2 – PyGame

Just use this code: import pygame import time pygame.init()“test.wav”) Source: