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ArchLinux ARM on Orange Pi One

Note: As of 27/11/2016 the mainline kernel included in the ArchLinux ARM Image supports ethernet and USB. Please use the following image: ArchLinuxARM-armv7-latest.tar.gz I recently found out about this new SoC board called Orange Pi that you can easily buy on Aliexpress for just 9 Euros. (more…)

How to install Google Coder on Archlinux ARM – Raspberry Pi

Hey everyone 😉 Today I’ll explain you how to install Coder on Archlinux ARM running on a Raspberry Pi. First of all you need to install nodejs, it’s in the official repositories…to simply run: pacman -S nodejs as root and you are ready to go. Then go to your /home directory and run: (make sure git is

How to install Pantheon on Archlinux

Hi everyone 😉 Pantheon is the Elementary OS Luna 0.2 DE…how can we install it on our favourite distro, ArchLinux? WARNING: There is a wiki page here: Install pantheon-session-bzr from AUR, this will install all the needed core components. Setup a .xinitrc: Now you are ready to run startx…and Enjoy! NOTES: If you get this error: IndicatorFileModel.vala:68: