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[Android] Cross-compiling kernel modules

  This is a quick guide to cross-compile kernel modules for Android, with particular reference to the J3 2016 LineageOS kernel. The steps outlined work for other devices/kernels as well. (more…)

[Android] [NDK] Cross-compiling iproute2

This is a short guide on how to cross-compile iproute2 on Android. Where the sch_netem kernel module is available, tc – which comes with iproute2 – allows for traffic throttling/packet delay useful to test apps on slower internet connections. (more…) Webtext

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SSL Pinning and Android

We are used to the idea that with SSL comes security and encryption but that’s not always the case, issues arise to the extent of compromising security entirely if we start thinking that as long as we use SSL we are safe. (more…)

Alarm Manager every week

This is how to fire an Alarm every week on Android. Since the Android device may restart multiple times during that period of time I’ve had a hard time setting triggerAtMillis in setInexactRepeating. I’ve finally settled on the following solution. (more…)

How to Nine-Patch Android

Nine-Patch for Android… I found this awesome tutorial here:

Slide Animations when switching from one activity to another – Java Android

Create a anim/ folder inside res/ in your Android Project and create the following files: slide_in_left.xml<set xmlns:android=””    android:shareInterpolator=”false” >    <translate        android:duration=”200″        android:fromXDelta=”-100%”        android:fromYDelta=”0%”        android:toXDelta=”0%”        android:toYDelta=”0%” /></set>slide_in_right.xml<set xmlns:android=””    android:shareInterpolator=”false” >    <translate        android:duration=”200″     

Handle Swipe Gestures in Java Android: Right to Left (Forward)

Hi guys, Instead of using a ViewPager you can handle touch gestures like this (Useful when you have only two views and you’d like to swipe only in a single direction – For example: Only Right to Left to go forward):  //This method is called everytime the user touches the screen    public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent