Borg: Backups!


I was looking at a new reliable way to backup my files today after Duplicati hugely disappointed me.. very high CPU usage and constant issues (backups not starting, throwing errors, etc..)

And I picked Borg. Super efficient & AES encrypted & supports remote backups! I can’t really ask for more, loving it!


brew cask install borgbackup

If you plan to use remote backup you need to install borg on the remote host as well, in my case [1]:

pacman -S borg

Creating a backup repository (Local backups)

borg init –encryption=repokey /Volumes/Backup/software

Repository name will be software, stored on USB HDD Backup

Backing up

borg create –compression lz4 –progress –stats /Volumes/Backup/software::{now} “/Users/USERNAME/PATH1″ “/Users/USERNAME/PATH2″ “/Users/USERNAME/PATH3″

lz4 compressed, backing up multiple paths

Creating a backup repository (Remote backups)

borg init –encryption=repokey ‘ssh://user@host:port/path

Just change the path and backup as outlined above


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