Month: May 2018

My LED PWM Controller board

I was recently in need of a PWM controller to use with my home automation system for some of my LED strips. Here’s what I built… Download: Board design (EAGLE) ESP8266: WiFi + MQTT ATtiny85: High frequency (1kHz) PWM modulation (more…)

Setting up chroot in Apache2 with PHP-FPM

 chroot != security, but still chroots are one of the security measures commonly used on servers as a first-line defense. Imagine an attacker manages to perform some sort of injection and gains write access to your web root, what damage can they do and to what extent? A question many server admins may find interesting…

Borg: Backups!

  I was looking at a new reliable way to backup my files today after Duplicati hugely disappointed me.. very high CPU usage and constant issues (backups not starting, throwing errors, etc..) (more…)