web.archive.org downloader

This python script downloads all website snapshots stored in web.archive.org for a selected year. ###website###: fill in website you wish to download ####: replace with the year

My LED PWM Controller board

I was recently in need of a PWM controller to use with my home automation system for some of my LED strips. Here’s what I built… Download: Board design (EAGLE) ESP8266: WiFi + MQTT ATtiny85: High frequency (1kHz) PWM modulation (more…)

Setting up chroot in Apache2 with PHP-FPM

 chroot != security, but still chroots are one of the security measures commonly used on servers as a first-line defense. Imagine an attacker manages to perform some sort of injection and gains write access to your web root, what damage can they do and to what extent? A question many server admins may find interesting…

Borg: Backups!

  I was looking at a new reliable way to backup my files today after Duplicati hugely disappointed me.. very high CPU usage and constant issues (backups not starting, throwing errors, etc..) (more…)

[Android] Cross-compiling kernel modules

  This is a quick guide to cross-compile kernel modules for Android, with particular reference to the J3 2016 LineageOS kernel. The steps outlined work for other devices/kernels as well. (more…)

[Android] [NDK] Cross-compiling iproute2

This is a short guide on how to cross-compile iproute2 on Android. Where the sch_netem kernel module is available, tc – which comes with iproute2 – allows for traffic throttling/packet delay useful to test apps on slower internet connections. (more…)

eir.ie Webtext

Check out my new Play Store app! eir.ie Webtext – Unofficial eir.ie (Ex Meteor) Webtext app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ingamedeo.eiriewebtext  

Home assistant: display sensors as cards

In Home Assistant sensors added to the platform without any further configuration appear in the top bar as rounded icons which can be annoying and not desired at times. To change such behaviour and have them being displayed as cards it’s sufficient to add those to a group like so: (more…)

Arduino: Better debounce routine

Hello, This is an Arduino routine to check if a button is pressed using the Arduino SDK. Key features: Implements debouncing to avoid false positives. Completely non-blocking, no delay() function calls. (more…)

SSL Pinning and Android

We are used to the idea that with SSL comes security and encryption but that’s not always the case, issues arise to the extent of compromising security entirely if we start thinking that as long as we use SSL we are safe. (more…)